day 1

My shift was cancelled today. This gave me the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to spend a few hours getting all those things done i’ve been putting on the back burner…

I didnt do any of them. Instead I browsed the internet for longer than necessary, called a friend and talked about not much, read 58 pages of a not-so-good book and ate ALOT of food. 

I suppose it hasnt been a complete waste, I have sat down to start this blog of my thoughts, experiences and ranting of the next.. however long i keep it up.

I wasnt really sure of what this page was going to be when I first thought of it. But now I think it might help me work out where I am actually going in life, since I need as much help as I can get at the moment.

I was a student for a good few years, however I fell behind and realised I wasn’t in the right place or studying the right degree. Perhaps there’s never a right degree, i find it hard to believe three to six years of study in generally one area can suit a person and help them set up their life. I am being highly cynical though.. Im just a little like that at the moment, forgive me it will pass but it comes with having no clue where you are going in life and being constantly reminded of that fact.

And now i have to go get ready for my other job.. yes another one. Currently working at three jobs to fund my gap year I have planned. Beginning in.. 24 days, 22 hours, 48 minutes and 23.. 22.. 21.. you get the point.




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